There are still vast sections of the US that have dialup as thier only terrestrial internet option this side of commercial lines. Many of these areas are within commuting distance of large cities. But they just arent dense or new enough for telcos to update (or even properly maintain) thier systems or for cable… » 3/23/15 3:25pm 3/23/15 3:25pm

I recently went from a galaxy nexus to a moto g LTE. ($180 at at store) I miss a few things and the openness. But as I haven't actually started getting checks from my new job yet (start date in two weeks), it's a good phone to hold me over until at least a nexus 5.2 comes out. No regrets from my choice, speeds are… » 2/03/15 5:12pm 2/03/15 5:12pm

My Dakota had crank windows, manual door locks, and a manual trans. I put the money towards the V8, HD service package, tow package, and tire and handling package. I miss that truck. » 1/31/15 6:26pm 1/31/15 6:26pm